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Generator Installation

Most websites will tell you that generator installation for your home or office is just easy as pie. There are some sites that even give you DIY instructions. Please be careful. A generator that is not installed properly has the potential to be very lethal and can harm people and property. At Los Angeles Electric Services, we do generator installation and repair for your home or office.

Generator Installation

Generator Installation

Power outages in most cases cannot be avoided. Therefore, rather than lose business time, or online time, it is best to be prepared with a backup supply of electricity provided by a generator.

You can’t just “plug and play” a generator. You have to have in depth knowledge of electrical wiring and installations. The wisest step is hiring an electrician to do the job for you.

What Do I Need To Know About Generator Installation?

However, it is always good to know some general facts about generator installation. Before the generator installation, the transfer panel needs to be put in. This is the panel that signals the generator that the main source of power is off and it needs to come on as the auxiliary power supply. Most countries require you to be authorized or licensed to install a transfer panel and a generator so before you start on anything, you need to see that the electrical contractor you hire has these qualifications. If not, insurance will not cover any accident or damage to the property caused by faulty installations.

Your back up generator needs to have its own power supply in a secure location. Do not at any time connect your back up generator to a double male chord that is plugged into the dryer or stove. This is called back feeding and runs the risk of returning power to the grid causing very dangerous electrical fires.

Therefore, make sure that when your Los Angeles electrician does the generator installation he also installs a proper transfer panel to create isolation. Then make sure the generator is placed in a way that the carbon monoxide it emanates when in use does not penetrate living quarters. Be mindful of your neighbors as well as generators are most often very noisy.

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